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Mr Green Casino

UX design - landing pages

Mr Green is a well-respected online casino and is known as the gentleman of online casino operators. The casino has a large variety of games to play and different things to bet on, including, slot machine games, number games, table card games and sportsbook. The number one priority at Mr Green is to offer responsible gaming to all clients, and to enable the safest and best gaming experience possible.

The task was to review and update the current casino landing page that new customers see on their first visit to the site. The current version was very dated and not showing clear enough information as to which bonuses a customer could receive on registration.


With a big focus on maximizing new traffic and converting this to new signups, I created a range of different solutions that I ran through a user testing platform. Analysing the outcome of these user tests helped me to come up with the most optimal design for new customers. 

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