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Mr Green Casino

UX rebrand exercise - user testing

Mr Green is a well-respected online casino and is known as the gentleman of online casino operators. The casino has a large variety of games to play and different things to bet on, including, slot machine games, number games, table card games and sportsbook. The number one priority at Mr Green is to offer responsible gaming to all clients, and to enable the safest and best gaming experience possible.

The task was to to discover the most user-friendly colour combination for the call-to-action (CTA) buttons across the Mr Green Casino site.


I presented a panel of user testers (x10) with a series of button designs shown on different pages of the casino website, asking them to choose the most clearest/easiest to read. During the test I was looking out for key feedback from users, noting down valuable comments or criticisms. I ran this test twice through the user testing platform with multiple colour combinations to get the most comprehensive feedback.


With a big focus on maximizing new traffic and converting new signups, I was able to analyse the outcome to help us come up with the most optimal design for our customers. 

Outcome and results

Some of the results from the first round of user testing were surprising and did not always come back as we first thought, but that is the whole reason for carrying out the user test! We want to see what the user thinks and prefers, and we want to design based on not what we think is best but what the user data is telling us. Although some of the first results came out mixed, in the second round of testing there was a clear winner in the yellow gold button. This did in fact prove my assumptions right(!) that the yellow CTA set against the green branding would stand out the most. Notable comments that many users added included: it draws more attention / looks easier to read / stands out more on a white background. 


This was a very fun and insightful user test to run, I enjoy hearing genuine and real feedback from users to assist in the designing of product.

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